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Ameraucana heritage chicken

About Us

We are small heritage farm located at the mouth of the Botanie Valley near Lytton, British Columbia. We specialize in rare heritage poultry including turkeys, chickens and ducks and also sell small quantities of pesticide free heritage produce.

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About Heritage Breeds

More than half of heritage chicken breeds in Canada and the US are in danger of extinction according to The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy

Traditional heritage chickens turkeys and ducks have many positive traits that commercial breeds do not such as resistance to extreme cold and heat, the ability to forage, resistance to disease and a natural instinct to avoid predators.  

In fact, commercial turkeys can not even naturally breed because their breasts are too large. Chefs and food critics agree that heritage turkeys are more flavourful and a better choice than their commercial counterparts. A good newspaper article describing the benefits of heritage breeds can be found here.

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Ridley Bronze heritage turkey

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